Release Notes QA 19.10.23

The following features are coming soon! 

Associated JiraFeature Description
Rooms are closing, even when ‘Add To Wait List After Reaching Operating Capacity’ is set to ‘Yes’ fix
CQ-3744TERA - Pay Now Integration
Unable to complete registration using a check unlock code and TE Widget
CQ-3746GL Export (CLV) - DAT - Export/Upload created
CQ-3748Defined Billing only – added discount max config setting on Setup Discounts screen
CQ-3749Reconcile Credit Card Payments Through Tuition Express
OMER - Meal, Ethnicity, Race report pulls data from Child > More > Additional Information screen. Valid values must be setup for Race/Ethnicity prior to use
Add ‘Child Information Records - Alt 4 and Alt 5’ to Merge Documents screen
CQ-3757Use Family Company Config for Gateway Refunds & AutoPay
CQ-3758Add option to turn off auto-enter of program on registration
Make setting ‘New Family Registration Credit Charge’ on Setup>System Config>Gen Config>Registration screen a read-only field
CQ-3760CCSD import updated
Added billing phone number field when processing a payment using Tuition Express
Created Weekly Roster Child and Staff AM/PM Counts report
Add Family ID and Child ID to NetSuite Subledger report
CQ-3764Billing Service - BillingLine Remove Hard-Coded Client Checks
Added PDF code for Child's Last Physical Date on More > Health
Added “Use the Parent Managed Calendar” drop-down to Setup > System Config > Extended
Added Connect tile under System Config > Connect Portal
CQ-3775Update TE "Load Test-Mode Credentials" to proper settings
Meals > Master List showing incorrect Category/Classification fix
Created DAXKO export
CQ-3781Added ‘Center ID’ to Infinite Campus to SCW upload
Add option to show/hide inactive third parties on Setup > Third Party screen
CQ-3786Parent Managed Days- Changing Schedules from the PRA screen
Added Job Title and Home Room to Staff > Staff List screen under Teacher/Staff List section
Some successful payments missing on DCW side fix
CQ-3792Add option to gateway config to change Tera Widget JS to test environment
CQ-3794Pay Now - Issues found while testing TE- with Tera Widget (Portal and Provider)
Unable to upload documents during registration fix
Added screen Reports > Scheduled Reports
CQ-3802Issue running financial reports at the business level
Teacher Detail Report is not showing the correct Service Date
Added option to remove all credit card information for a center. Setup > System Config > Credit Cards > Actions
CQ-3811PayNow Updates (TE)
CQ-3812Revenue Tracking Fields - Charge/Reduce Revenue
CQ-3813Tuition Express - Version 1 Authorization Change
CQ-3818TE - Fix Payment Methods not updating
CQ-3819Cannot add auto pay credit card information
Receiving “Your password will expire in # days” when "Auto expire login password" setting under Setup > System Config > Extended is set to "No"
CQ-3824Add Family Center on static bar within the family record
CQ-3825PRA times are defaulting to 12 am when families make schedule change requests
CQ-3826Unable to delete auto pay method from the Parent Portal when using Tuition Express
CQ-3827New Secure 5 version impact to existing processes
CQ-2828General Ledger Summary Excel running slow and showing incorrect amounts