Release Notes QA 19.8.6

The following features are coming August 8, 2019! Please click the link, if applicable, for more information on the new/updated features.

Associated JiraFeature Description
CQ-3698ADP Staff Tuition Export not showing all employees with children and column name updates
CQ-3702System generated emails should be sent to a parent/guardian based on selection made on Preferred Email Recipient field on Family Record
CQ-3704During new family registration, when an immunization record was uploaded for a sibling, the first student immunization record was being overridden in some cases
CQ-3710Activity ID 1690 turns editing on/off for staff attendance on the Attendance > Entry screen
CQ-3712When a payment is made on a Friday and posts on Saturday, previously it would be dated for the payment date, not the post date
CQ-3713Added configuration option under System Config > Extended for expiring administrator passwords after a defined number of days
CQ-3714When config "Allow Post Date Entry" is set to Yes, the following screens/reports will show Revenue Tracking Start/End Dates
  • Family Record > Financial tab> Adjustment screen
  • Reports > Online Report > Add Fee section
  • Payments> Outstanding screen > Add Fee
  • Statement Detail record (if revenue tracking start/end dates are added)
  • Specific Charge/Credit Summary One Sheet Report
CQ-3715Charges and Credits PDF report fixes
CQ-3716Start/end times will now be required on the student's PRA when the following are met:
  • Days are selected on PRA
  • Require Room Start and End Time Entry on Admin Side is set to Yes on Setup > Category screen
CQ-3718Hours Export report from Reports > Room/Program screen was previously removing leading zeros in Employee IDs
CQ-3720Add columns to Weekly Sign In/Out - Ontario PDF and Excel reports
CQ-3721Billing fixes
CQ-3722If languages have been setup, the language drop-down on the Registration page will appear on all screens up until the registration form
CQ-3723On the Setup > Room screen, "Show in mobile apps" option is unable to change to 'Yes' after saving 'No' first
CQ-3724When selecting Actions > PDF under Family Statement, the date under the fees was changed to display the post date instead of the billing period start date
CQ-3726Display issue fix on financial ledger
CQ-3727Fee detail fix on statement
CQ-3728Statement pulling "Create Date" not "Post Date" fix
CQ-3736When updating a schedule for a parent managed calendar, the 'create date' is changing instead of the 'change date'
CQ-3737When Defined Billing is run, Parent Managed Calendar days were being re-billed
CQ-3738Confirmation email enhancements
CQ-3739Allow future programs to show on Portal Registration option on Setup > Semester screen