Release Notes QA 19.7.2

The following features are coming July 2, 2019! Please click the link, if applicable, for more information on the new/updated features.

Associated JiraFeature Description
CQ-3649Balance discrepancy between Trial Balance and GP Export Summary
CQ-3652Add center name on right side bar when registering at multiple centers
CQ-3655Move Location filter on registration page
CQ-3656Email "sent" status displaying blank on Connect > Communication > View Sent fix
CQ-3657Add configuration "Require room start and end time entry on admin side" on Setup > Room, Category configuration
CQ-3661Child record field label corrections
CQ-3663Setup > Room settings "Initial schedule selection" and "Allow initial start date" are hidden for Camp and Event type rooms
CQ-3665Add activity ID to allow/disallow parents to make changes to student contacts via the Parent Portal
CQ-3666Add statement configuration option to determine which address to display on the family's PDF statement (child or guardian)
CQ-3674Increase time-out time on Approvals > Program Change screen
CQ-3675Payment Allocation by Category report not allocating convenience fee to category fix
CQ-3677New reconcile process that creates a fee record if there is a parent copay amount on the Third Party contract, and that contract is valid for the dates in question
CQ-3679Hide report categories based on user access (Report > Room/Program and Report > Financial)
CQ-3680Prebill report calculation fix for Third Party Sponsored students
CQ-3681Add configuration "Add Fee to Auto-Payments (All)" to display convenience fee on Parent Portal Auto-pay screen
CQ-3687Document uploads during registration now allow all file types