Release Notes REL_APR_30_2020

The following features & enhancements are available now!

Associated JiraFeature Description
DCW-276New Discount Capacity Report created to display families and children with discounts set up using a maximum discount amount
DCW-277Add 'Allow Max Discount Amount' option on Setup > Rates > Setup Discounts
DCW-302Third Party Contract API
DCW-352Child Schedule Detail API
DCW-509Restricted hours not saving on Setup > Third Party screen when creating a new contract
DCW-843Approvals > Waitlist performance fix
DCW-1027Incorrect credit amount when removing parent managed calendar days from PRA when child has a discount
DCW-1029Timeout issues when clicking Approvals > Waitlist fix
DCW-1040Password Reminder link not working on Connect Family portal
DCW-1042Unity - Add Transaction ID/Order Number to payments API