Release Notes REL_DEC_9_2021

The following features and enhancements will be available on DCW/SCW on December 10, 2021. 

New Features & Enhancements

  • The mobile apps will now check for a stable internet connection instead of simply a Wi-Fi connection. If the mobile apps cannot find a stable internet connection, they will automatically go into offline mode and check-in/out can continue. This enhancement will prevent the mobile apps from excessive loading times after parents enter their PIN at check-in/out. [DCW-3759]
  • Autopay Holder Report Enhancements! - When a parent pays with a credit card, the card expiration date will now display in the “Expiration Date” column of the Autopay Holder Report. Also, added an “Active PRA Only” filter when running the report. [DCW-3803, DCW-3841]
  • Discount Enhancements! - On the Program/Room Assignment screen of a child’s record, the Override Discount, Override End Date, and Override Amount will be available based on the selected Rate. The Override End Date field will now be available for Override Amount and Override Discount. Please Note: This is phase one and no immediate changes will be seen other than the Override End Date field changes. Going forward, these options will vary based on each customer billing setup. [DCW-798]
  • Enhancements have been made to the Tuition Express Balancing Report [DCW-3795]:
    • The report has been moved from the Online/POS Payments screen to the Reports > Financial screen.
    • This report can now be filtered by Center, From Date, To Date, Brand, Division, and District.
    • The report can now be run for a maximum of 40 days, instead of the 32 days previously.
  • Enhancements to the billing period on Billing batch job. [DCW-3184] 
  • Added cache busting to ensure web browsers are using the newest code. [DCW-3912]
  • Tuition Express capture credit card and retry logic improvements. [DCW-3786]
  • Microsoft Azure SSO active directory authentication framework. [DCW-3650, DCW-3651]
  • Comment Field added to the API One Sheet. [DCW-3903]
  • When a family has a different Family Center and Room Center with different merchant IDs, payments were failing when processed at the Room center. [DCW-3790]

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some parent payments were successfully processed through Tuition Express, but not displaying on the family ledger. [DCW-3901]
  • Resolved an “Ajax Call Failed” error message that occasionally appeared when a customer would view a split family financial ledger. [DCW-3837]
  • On the family Financial Ledger > Prepay Deposit screen, when the Prepay Type was set to “Prepay on Date”, then changed to “Prepay on Child Withdrawal”, the previous date was not being deleted from the database. [DCW-3789]
  • Fixed an issue where Activity Fess were duplicating on the NetSuite Subledger Report. [DCW-3817]
  • When recreating a statement with a coupon, the coupon was not applied to the new statement. [DCW-3802]
  • Resolved in issue where split families were not displaying on the Autopay Batch screen when one parent had a balance and the other had a credit. [DCW-3756]
  • Fixed an issue where the late pickup fee was not charging automatically. [DCW-3632]

Internal Documentation

*The following tasks are for internal documentation only.

  • Logo exception causing issue with one-time payment from the Connect portal. [DCW-3807]
  • Exception logged for view pending room change request. [DCW-824]
  • Exception logged for sending parent rejection emails. [DCW-822]
  • TE Reconciliation batch date range logic. [DCW-3898]
  • Refactoring for migration to Java 11. [DCW-1686]