Release Notes REL_JAN_14_2021

The following features and enhancements will be available on DCW/SCW on January 15, 2021. 

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • You can now send automatic email notifications when parents make payments and are returned as non-sufficient funds. The email template can be set up on the System Config > Email screen under “Payment Return Notification (NSF)”, then choose who should receive the email notification under the System Config > Notification screen. [DCW-2150]
  • You can now choose whether a rate will be required when setting up a child's PRA on an Event type room. On the Setup > Room screen, there is now a "Require Rate Selection on Program Room Assignment" field with 3 options: require a rate, do not require a rate, or use default logic to keep your current process. [DCW-2464]
  • The "Deferred Revenue" report was only displaying line items for the first child within a family if multiple children had the same fees for the same room. [DCW-2557]
  • When setting up the late pickup fee template on the System Config > Email screen, the fee should be added to the ledger and an email should be sent out. Previously, the email was not sending out when the batch job was setup. [DCW-2295]
  • Added the ability to manage customer-specific tax statement formats and extended statements (those that show more detail than standard statements) has been significantly improved. [DCW-2367]
  • When pulling the "General Ledger Summary" report, if the “To Date” is not selected in the search criteria, the file will now display a message instead of logging user out of system. [DCW-1716]
  • Fixed an issue where some schools were seeing duplicate billing periods for 2021. [DCW-2616]
  • Previously, the system had a maximum scholarship discount of $999.99, this has been increased to allow higher scholarship amounts. [DCW-2319]
  • Performance improvement when pulling the Online-General Report and selecting room or category in search criteria. [DCW-2379]
  • Performance improvement on the Gateway Refund process. Now, when a refund is created for an existing payment, the system should look at credits that have not already been applied, then referenced credits need to be updated for the amount paid. [DCW-2573]
  • Prepayment was not being applied to outstanding balances when the child did not have a program/room assignment (PRA). [DCW-932]
  • Fixed an issue where some Rate Authorizations could not be deleted from the Category Setup > View/Edit Rate Authorizations screen. [DCW-2536]
  • Updated verbiage in the Parent Manage Cutoff field on the View Semester screen. [DCW-2281]
  • Created API layer for Specific Charge/Credit Summary One Sheet Report - Excel. [DCW-2288]
  • Tuition Express contact for split family bug fix. [DCW-2374]

Internal Documentation

*The following tasks are for internal documentation only.

  • Previously, when a statement was created, it would produce an error on the backend if there was an issue with the center’s logo. Now, if there is an issue with the logo, the system will produce the statement, exclude the logo and not produce an error on the backend. [DCW-1028]
  • Change local variable from wadelocal. [DCW-2258]
  • TE-V1 and registered payments doesn't save online_service_cd in Presave records. [DCW-2488]
  • Main Order ID research task. [DCW-2489]
  • TE-V1 - New Registration - Before approval, payment transaction doesn't store the company_id. [DCW-2502]
  • Fix EasyDraft API Logging to stop credentials from being logged. [DCW-2546]
  • Fix certain classes that have an invalid SMTP address hardcoded in their source code. [DCW-2565]
  • TE Auto Reconcile Batch  - look up for transaction for 7 days from the batch date instead of 6. [DCW-2568]