Release Notes REL_Jan_30_2020

The following features are coming January 30, 2020! 

Associated JiraFeature Description
Reports > Schedule Reports needs activity IDs
DCW-25Add Transaction ID/Order Number to Payments API
DCW-28Create Meal Attendance Report Version 6 - PDF
DCW-30PAD Integration with BMO revision
DCW-34Check Scanning
DCW-61 & 124Hourly Billing fix
DCW-62Parent Managed Billing - fee amount different on portal and when posted
DCW-72Children should only be checked into the beacons center classroom
DCW-84KinderConnect Integration - Attendance Load Changes CCBIS
DCW-115Connect App to show current and future PRAs when viewing child profile screen
DCW-123Compare files used in autopay module on process server
DCW-163Staff Entry screen - inactive staff not showing in red
DCW-207Deferred Revenue Report - not reporting deferred revenue correctly
DCW-234Missouri DSS integration needs the ability to have different provider IDs per center
DCW-24460 minute billing line
DCW-258Hourly billing option
DCW-274Transactional Billing shows error when trying to email statements for new year before new billing period is created
DCW-281Discrepancies between Trial Balance, Deferred Revenue, and GP Export reports
DCW-325Research capabilities of Panini check scanner device
Understand capabilities of Panini check scanner device
Review previous work on Panini device
Install Panini drivers for developer
Configure Panini device
Study existing DCW POS Payment Process front end from a user's point of view
Understand Panini check scanning API functionality
Understand Panini check scanning and browser compatibility
Remove VBScript code from front end
Translate VBScript functionality into Javascript
Initiate a check scan operation through Panini API
DCW-336Initiate a request to capture the front and rear images of the scanned check through the Panini API
DCW-337Initiate a request to capture the MICR code line from the scanned check through the Panini API
DCW-338Parse the MICR code line to determine the bank routing number, account number, check number, etc. 
DCW-339Review EasyDraft/Unity payment gateway processing in the backend
DCW-340Review ways to reformat check image for submission
DCW-341Submit payment details with new format to Unity gateway using their API
DCW-342Error/Exception handling
DCW-343Create screen for users to input their own IP address and Panini device details
Tie the user input on the screen to the database
DCW-345Test POS screen to determine functionality still works after changes made
DCW-346Create a hibernate object and hibernate mapping file
DCW-347Create a table schema for storing Panini check scanner details
DCW-430Charges and Credit Detail by Program Center AND Charges and Credit by Center reports are displaying discounts incorrectly
DCW-431Statements are pulling wrong beginning balance
DCW-481Fix hibernate error when doing mass save or delete