Release Notes REL_NOV_24_2020

The following features and enhancements will be available on DCW/SCW on November 25, 2020. 

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • Corrected issue where split families were intermittently having the convenience fee added to the incorrect family ledger. [DCW-923 & DCW-1780]
  • Fixed an issue when pulling the GP Export report, some payments were displaying twice on the report. [DCW-1014]
  • Fixed an issue regarding the system creating duplicate transaction records for declined non-registered payments during new and portal registration using the TE widget. [DCW-2352]
  • Fixed an issue where users were receiving the following error message “Excel cannot option the file ‘NetSuiteSubledger (1).xlsx’ because the file format or file extension is not valid.” when pulling the NetSuite Control - Excel report under Reports > Financials. [DCW-2375]
  • The Arizona DES SignIn/SignOut Report - PDF is now displaying the attendance time in the correct time zone and each child's attendance will show on a single page. [DCW-2414]
  • Performance enhancements to Payments > Payments/Adjustments screen. [DCW-486]
  • You can now view expired discounts from the Setup Discounts screen by using the Actions drop-down > Show All Discounts. [DCW-911 & DCW2308]
  • “Create Date” has been added to the Child Attendance Detail – Excel report to show the date and time the check-in/out was logged in the system. [DCW-2217]
  • You can now view the Payment Allocations report in Excel format from the Payments > Payments/Adjustments > Actions > Payment Allocations screen. [DCW-2273]
  • The TE Settlement/Allocation - GL Builder report for Tuition Express users has been created and will be grouped by batch ID and show the real settle date from TE.  [DCW-2299]
  • Fixed an issue where some users were seeing payments and fees being duplicated on the GP export report. [DCW-2213]
  • Email functionality will stop using the user's email address as the "From" value on outgoing email messages. [DCW-2317]
  • The Payments > Payments/Adjustments > Allocation Listing report screen will now automatically load upon navigating to the screen. Once the screen loads, you can use the date range filter. [DCW-2272]
  • Database performance fix during Third Party Allocations. [DCW-2313]
  • The NetSuite GL Upload report will now display different GL numbers for different subsidiaries. [DCW-1847]
  • A new filter has been added to the Payments > Online/POS Payments screen. The Tuition Express Reconciled field will show any TE auto-reconciled payments. [DCW-2353]

Internal Documentation

*The following tasks are for internal documentation only. 

  • TE auto reconcile batch. [DCW-2380, DCW-2409, DCW-2419]
  • Lead management API link updated. [DCW-2285]
  • TE - OneTimePaymentscreen - Widget and V1 - in cg_family_pay_trans table Address 2 field is not logged for most of the scenarios and cc_type_cd for one scenario. [DCW-1291]
  • Change local variable from wadelocal. [DCW-2258]
  • ScheduleTuitionFTESummaryTask batch - Hibernate Mapping Issue-Missing fte_point field of cg_tuition_type. [DCW-2293]
  • TE - Gateway Refund Improvements. [DCW-2345]
  • TE - Declines - Presave transaction records should update right after TE response and not wait for user. [DCW-2354]
  • Correct Tomcat connection cleanup - AJP research item. [DCW-2371]
  • Add Company_ID from family CC and Family pay trans to the family pay trans report. [DCW-2373]
  • Document Apple Distribution certificate process. [DCW-2435]
  • API - InSite Select - Look at config for "Print Schedule" button. [DCW-2309]
  • AR Aging - add API later to report to pull json. [DCW-2255]
  • Phase one of a new configuration field on Setup > Room screen to require a rate for all classroom types before a user is able to save a PRA. [DCW-2307]
  • Declined ACH payments made from InSite Connect are being stored as Credit Card Type in the backend transaction record. [DCW-1257]